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Originally from Minnesota, I am a freelance theater artist currently living

and working in Baltimore. The plays that I enjoy most are uncanny, sensitive,

and alluring. I like to create mind-dwelling stories.

I have directed, produced and stage managed throughout the Midwest

including Cedar Rapids, Minneapolis, and Milwaukee. Since moving to

Baltimore in 2017, I have worked with theaters like the Acme Corporation,

Single Carrot, Chesapeake Shakespeare Company, Silver Spring Stage,

Baltimore Rock Opera Society and more. I am also a co-founder and

Theater Producer of Truepenny Projects, a small and independent arts

organization in Baltimore.


To direct a production effectively, I communicate my feelings and intentions  regarding the project from the beginning. Extensive research into the text ensures an understanding of the work. A deep understanding of the work provides a clear message. This message can then be expressed to fellow collaborators and the eventual audience.

Armed with the dramaturgical research, I am ready to cast the production. The audition process allows me to find compatible artists. Essentially, I treat the audition as a job interview. Auditions include questions about their process, their history, and their intentions, as well as a cold read of the script. It is significant to find fellow collaborators who share similar core values. On the flip side, it is crucial that a project includes a wide variety of people with different backgrounds, race, gender, economic status, etc. I have found the artistic journey more fulfilling when the cast is not all cut from the same cloth.

In the rehearsal room, I look to create a space where the artists feel supported as they put forth their most vulnerable selves. My practice is completely consent-based as I firmly want my collaborators to enjoy working on the play. We can travel to difficult and emotional places, but only if it is appropriate and useful. Once we’ve built mutual trust, it’s my job to stay consistent, positive, and supportive.



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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect!


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